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Frequently Asked Questions : Parts Sales

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What are your hours of operation?

Mega Parts Sales wants to provide you with the most complete product availability. We are open from
7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. We also offer an after hour and weekend service by calling 505-918-7271.

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How do I create an account?

Before shopping on the Mega website, you will need to create an account
by calling our parts sales department directly at 505-341-6969 or toll free at 1-800-345-8889.

Note: When creating a password, please follow the following parameters:

  • Your password must be no less than 7 characters.
  • Needs to have one capital letter.
  • Needs to have one number.
  • No special characters. (e.g ' $ # . ! @ * & % ’, etc.)

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Can I buy Mega parts without using the website?

Yes! You can buy Mega parts through an authorized Mega dealer. Please visit our Find A Dealer page to find a dealer near you or call Parts Sales if you have further questions.

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What is your returns policy?

We understand that sometimes there is a need to return a part that has been ordered or shipped in error. It is our intention to make this process as fast and efficient as possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To aid in the return process, have the following information at hand:

  • Your purchase order number (if applicable).
  • The Mega Corp. Sales Order number
  • The Mega Corp. Invoice number

To return a part, contact the Mega Corp. Parts Department via our toll free phone number at 1-800-345-8889, or contact us via e-mail at

Please visit our returns policy page for further information on RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization).

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How do I cancel an order?

All order cancellations must be presented in writing to Mega Corp. These can be emailed to or faxed to 505-345-6190. A Mega representative will call to confirm the details of the cancellation. Mega reserves the right to refuse cancellation on PTO (Purchase To Order) or MTO (Made-To-Order) parts.

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Where do I find Mega serial and model numbers on my piece of equipment?

For faster service, please provide a Mega serial number when you call. These can be found on either in the front or back of the tank. Please
go to our Mega serial and model number locations page for more detailed information.

Do Mega parts come with a warranty?

Yes! We value customer satisfaction by offering a one year warranty on all of our parts. We warranty all of our parts for a period of 6 months against defects in materials and workmanship. Please view our Warranty page for more information.

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Do you have a parts book?

Currently our parts book has been replaced by our Mega Sourcebook. You can visit our main parts page or download Mega Component and Performance Sourcebook pdf here. If you are looking for a specific part that is not covered in our Mega Sourcebook, please contact Jose Barraza.

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How do I get a copy of an invoice?

Getting a copy of an invoice is easy. Simply call 1-800-345-8889 with either your customer P.O or Order Number and we can either email or fax you a copy.

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